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    Good morning,
    I need a layer format A3 for demo print machine very difficult to print for value the quality of printer.

    You can help me?

    Excuse me for my english

    Thank you

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    Please explain in a bit more detail since as in most cases it depends.

    Demo print as in a hard proof printer?

    As far as I know for real quality hard proofs the best is a wide gamut inkjet printer with proof paper.
    This setup should be capable of simulating (with proper calibration and use of profiling data from the actual production machine) almost any printed color.
    This setup is somewhat expensive but if the clients aren't just looking for cheap prints it will pay for itself.

    Alternatively if the clients usually come to the printing house to view the proofs may be it's more economical to just use soft proofs, as in real good quality calibrated monitors.

    Just as a disclaimer: I don't consider myself any kind of expert, but this is the conclusion I got to after a few books and a lot of research.

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