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Thread: ICC Profiling Fluorescent Inks and Color Predictions Other than D50 Impossible?

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    ICC Profiling Fluorescent Inks and Color Predictions Other than D50 Impossible?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see how this is possible.

    a) For M1 (D50 illuminant) measurements and D50 viewers the predicted radiance spectra will be theoretically correct:

    Let (Rd + OB)'s be the D50 radiance spectral readings with optical brightener effects; I's be the spectra of an D50 illuminant.

    So reflectance spectra lets say Rf 's (stored data in the ICC measurement file) were derived from (Rd + OB)'s /I's which will also equal to Rf + OB's / I's :

    To recover the D50 radiance spectra that would simply be:

    I's * (Rf's + OB's/ I's) = (Rd + OB)'s

    and exactly same as what the spectrophotometer measured under M1 or D50

    b) The problem what if not viewing illuminant is not D50?

    Lets say I2's is not D50

    I2's * (Rf's + OB / I's) = Rf's*I2's + OB's * I2's / I's

    the Rf's*I2's is radiance spectra of the custom illuminant without optical brightener but OB's*I2's/I's is not anymore the proper amount of optical brightener effects added to the radiance spectra and so the predicted color??? Also the further away custom illuminant light spectra to the D50 illuminant the further away the deviation?
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