Any can help me with my problem on EFI 4.5.1? i cant print ink limit on
my printer EPSON 9900. I have installed Media profiles for the printer and
the test on my printer is ok. Under Flexlm log is says:

12:31:09 (EFI) ==>INCREMENT DEMO EFI 1.000 permanent 1 SIGN="0015 EF74 3A3A 0C25 D6C1 \
22FD 48D9 3300 C33F 59AA 3173 50C2 6773 D6FD 317E"
12:31:09 (EFI) License server system started on MP1F15
12:31:09 (EFI) No features to serve, exiting
12:31:13 (lmgrd) EFI exited with status 27 (No features to serve)
12:31:13 (lmgrd) EFI daemon found no features. Please correct
12:31:13 (lmgrd) license file and re-start daemons.
12:31:13 (lmgrd)
12:31:13 (lmgrd) This may be due to the fact that you are using
12:31:13 (lmgrd) a different license file from the you expect.
12:31:13 (lmgrd) Check to make sure that:
12:31:13 (lmgrd) C:\Program Files\FlexLM\0_default.lic
12:31:13 (lmgrd) is the license file you want to use.
12:31:13 (lmgrd)

Does any encountered this problem?