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Thread: Flexisign Pro Clibration, Encad 750 60''

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    Flexisign Pro Clibration, Encad 750 60''

    hi all, this is my second ever thread.

    I have successfully managed to download a working version of FlexiSign Pro 10.
    i need help setting up the calibration of the ICC profiles, I'm still very new to this whole large format printer hardware and software. as i am aware that when i print on different materials i get blogs and dark images, ie really black shadows, from which i have tried to print of some of my architectural shots of interiors with shadows.

    also will i need a colourmeter calibration hardware? i was just reading a post on this topic

    thank you for your time
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    yes you will need and x-rite i1 or similar. some printers have this built in ie HP 25500 Latex... steps as follows, basically;
    you run the calibration tool from the production manager.
    it prints a bunch of swatches.
    you scan the swatches
    it builds a profile
    and that will be fairly close for most other media you might use.
    you can always profile those (other medias) as well, but its time consuming.
    also you might want to see if you can download some profiles from SAi as they are pretty good right out of the box.

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