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Thread: EFI Linearisation Problem

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    EFI Linearisation Problem

    Hi everybody,

    I'm a newbie and I'm getting desperate about the linearisation process in Fiery XF 6.3. Printer is a Epson Surecolor P800 and for measuring I use a X-Rite 1Pro 2 (both new).
    After successful measuring the InkLimitChannel chart with Color Tools (in the picture above, which looks very normal to me), in the next step I always get a chart for linearisation (Lin4c.pdf), which looks like in the picture below with missing fields and colors.
    Anybody an idea? The printer is OK. Printing via the epson driver looks normal.

    Any help is much appreciate. Thanks to everybody, who helps.

    [IMG][url=https://postimg.org/image/g8ew4zzst/][/url][url=https://postimage.org/index.php?lang=german]Kostenlos Bilder hochladen[/url][/IMG]

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    Upgrade to 6.3.1. They've this problem for the larger P-series printers and it looks like your same problem.

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    Are you sure about your ink limit setting? It could be too low.

    There is a few thing that you might want to notice:

    1/ You're currently using P800, 8 color I assume that you're trying to print pictures/bitmaps. For such case I'm not really recommend you using CMYK color mode because this mode is more suitable for vector printing, and thus cause several color issues later when printing image. The RGB mode for EFI does not require you to do ink limit measurement and thus this problem is bypass by default.

    2/ If you're positively sure what you're doing, you can try to do all the measurement again, I've had this problem before with just bad measurement technique, but after doing it a few times it's okay. I'm currently using the EFI 6.3 for both P800 and Pro 9880.

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    You can use any ICC production software to generate a ICC curve with only CMY3 colors.

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