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Thread: Dell U3011: custom color mode vs adobe rgb

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    Dell U3011: custom color mode vs adobe rgb


    I'm a relatively newcomer when it comes to wide gamut monitor like the U3011.
    It is my understanding that the AdobeRGB mode should be able to display
    images with a much wider gamut than say sRGB.
    However I could not find much information about the 'custom color' mode also
    offered in the modes menu. I googled a bit but mostly found some posts
    describing issues on the u3011 with custom color (blueish tints after the
    monitor wakes up from sleep).

    Why would any use 'custom color' vs AdobeRGB ? In my case I'd use
    Lightroom, essentially for image processing and soft proofing, using
    the Windows 7 (and also sometimes plugging in my Macbook pro).
    For calibration I'll use the ColorMunki spectrophotometer.

    Thanks for your help, any explanation or link will be much appreciated!

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    The custom mode is the way to go if you measure your own display profiles. The presets sRGB and AdobeRGB reduce your monitor's gamut and also adjust things like gamma and luminance according to the target values of sRGB/AdobeRGB, while the custom mode shows your monitor's native gamut (which is even bigger that AdobeRGB here and there).

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