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Thread: Chart Recognition in Profile Maker

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    Chart Recognition in Profile Maker - Measurement and Reference CGATS format


    I am using Profile Maker 5.0 Professional to create my ICC Camera Profiles and I am trying to use some color charts that I have specifically made in photoshop.
    I have my reference *.txt (cie) files but I can't make it work as, when I upload the picture taken with my camera obviously Profile Maker doesn't recognize the position of the patches.

    Is there a way to make it work?
    I was thinking about a file that explain the program how to locate the patches in the image but I don't know how to create it and how to explain the program to use that file...

    As an alternative I think Profile Maker accepts a certain kind of CGATS format txt file that would automatically fill both the reference and measurement data. The only problem is that there are not explaination on internet about how to format such a txt file.
    This could be possibility for me as, actually, I already have both the reference and measure data (I extracted everything with argyll) and I just need to combine both in the same file.

    Thank you very much,

    my best,

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