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Thread: CGS and GMG

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    CGS and GMG

    Hello,which is the better color management,CGS or GMG.Why do you think that is the better?

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    Well, I am technician at a CGS dealer, so I know it very well. GMG I just saw the calibration process a few times, but I think they´re together the best s together, can´t choose or another..

    CGS uses the "4D" calibration (LAB plus time), in which, You 1-linearize and caracterize the solution (printer+ink+paper), and make it a reference; 2- calibrate it to the reference, through iterative steps (i.e. using it8 or eci2002), until the average DE goes below, for example, 0,8 , then you choose the reference profile (i.e. isocoated_v2) and does the 3- color matching, also through iterations until the DE goes , for most cases, below 1,0 (I use <0,7 when my customer wants certifiation)
    I like the tool and are used to it.

    On GMG it seems a similar concept and reach similar DEs and grays, but , at least in the version I saw, I thought the calibration proccess was too "complicated" and bad-documented (if you dominate EFI and CGS, even being an experient color-proofing technician, you probalby wouldn´t find the way in GMG, because it´s tough, and have some secrets - I guess it also needs a special license and special manufacters base-calibration files to start the calibration - (not sure. people, please correct me if I´m wrong)

    If they´re at same price, I´d go on CGS (unless GMG guys did me a good demonstration and technical trainning on their software, in a way I could be independent from them after the installation)

    Hope it helps.

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