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Thread: Which calibrator for a wide gamut with a programable lut monitor?

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    Which calibrator for a wide gamut with a programable lut monitor?

    Hi everybody,

    I have been using a Monaco Optix for almost seven years and have been pleased with the results I've got from it;
    First I used the Monaco Optix software that came with it, then (when X-Rite abandoned the calibrator in spite
    of the i1 Display 2) I was forced to look for another software, which it was Coloreyes Display Pro.

    But now I'am thinking on getting a new monitor, surely a monitor my DTP94 cannot handle very well
    (led backlight and or Wide Gamut), so my question is about which of the two following sensors do you think is better and
    especially why, I was thinking about the Spyder4 Elite and the i1 Display Pro.
    In a review among different sensors (BasICColor Discus, i1Display Pro/CM Display, Eye-One Display 2, OEM Eye-One Display,
    Spyder 3 Elite, DTP-94, ColorMunki Photo, Eye-One Pro and Spectrolino), they told that the i1 Display Pro was very accurate
    and that it is very uniform between different units, but in that review there was not the Spyder4 Elite. It talked very
    well about the i1 Display Pro.
    But in the ColorEyes Display Pro web they talk very well about the hardware of the Spyder4, saying that it is much better
    than the previous Spyder3, and that now they offer it as a very good sensor.

    I understand that the not so very good reviews in amazon for the i1 Display Pro come for the not so very good software
    it come it with, so, which one would you recommend to buy, and with which software?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi Alexander,

    the i1Display Pro is a very good instrument for its price - a superior colorimeter would be the basICColor discus, but at a much higher cost (way too much IMO).
    The X-Rite software i1Profiler really wasn't good at the beginning but it got way better and now offers all necessary features.
    One question: which "programmable LUT monitor" do you want to use with it? Eizo CG/NEC SpectraView coming with their own calibration softwares or something "lower class" which would depend on i1Profiler's ADC feature for the adjustment of the display LUTs?

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    Colorimeter VS Spectrophotometer
    definitely recommend Spectrophotometer [color munki photo/design] due to the greater accuracy and the ability to measure information about the color from the surface is not light emissive, like paper, etc.

    New monitor - definitely with can handle hardware profiling, like EIZO from CG, CX series.

    There are models with built-In selfCalibration Sensor like ColorEdge CG277. You do not have to worry about anything, the calibration is automatic at work

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    Use colorimeter to calibrate a wide gamut monitor is not a good idea. Colorimeters use color filters for standard RGB colors and not work well with wide gamut.
    I'm using X-Rite ColorMunki Photo (cheapest spectrophotometer) and NEC Spectraview II software ($89 on NEC web site, but there are another ways) with my wide gamut NEC (not a SpectraView edition). NEC supply's a specially modified i1Pro Display for its wide gamut displays also.

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    What is your budget

    I1Display pro is the best for the money but you have to replace all 3 years if you want accuracy.
    An I1 Pro 2 who dont use organic filters remain accuracy during is long life and you can profiling your printer...

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