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Thread: Agfa ColorTune Profile 4

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    Agfa ColorTune Profile 4


    I got the simple calibration software "Colortune Profile v4" with my XY-15 scanner (big old scanner that I still love..).
    I installed it on MacOS 9.22 (the doc clearly says it will not work in OSX, not even in classic mode), but it does not seem to work: the application closes immediately after I start it.
    I had an even older version (ColorTune Pro v3.0.1) that I could install and that works perfectly..
    1) Has any ever tried ColorTune 4? Any issue?
    2) Does some know what is the latest version that Agfa released separately (they now have ApogeeColor, but I think it has to be part of a whole installation, which is not my purpose here..)?
    3) What would be the best scanner calibration tool for OSX <=10.3.9 (latest version for which I have checked that the XY-15 driver is working)?

    Thanks in advance!

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