In October AlwanColor released new version of their mainstream color server - Alwan CMYK Optimizer v4.

Now Alwan CMYK Optimizer is a cross platfrom application and it supports both Mac and PC platforms. Version 4 will run only under x64 OS X or Windows (WinXP is not supported) operating systems.

In accordance with "CMYK Oprimizer Editions" documentation version 4 may be licensed as a "Platinum" edition. It has the same functionality as ECO edition plus it can be driven as a command-line tool.

As it stated in their press-release, CMYK Optimizer v4 will support HiFi (multicolor) icc profiles:
CMYK Optimizer 4.0 provides HiFi support for spot colors and images. It also offers sophisticated HiFi color separation options such as minimum TAC and minimum number of primaries. This is very useful for multicolor printing processes like flexography.
Seems like that's all about new version of CMYK Optimzer.

But the most interersting info was about Alwan PRINT Standardizer. Here is a quote:
Print Standardizer 5.0 ensures spectral linearization and calibration for spot colors, spectral calibration and profiling for multicolor processes allowing the optimization and maintaining of the printing conditions that are anticipated in prepress with CMYK Optimizer HiFi.
Wow, it sounds very, very intriguing. I wonder which response of Bodoni PressSIGN will be on these innovations?

With great impatience I'm waiting the opportunity to test these apps!