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Thread: voting/bad attitude

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    Question voting/bad attitude

    hi to all,
    i found that there is a lot voting post.
    why we havent voting poll?

    i read post about hardware monitor calibration, one speak about colormunkie other about colorimeter, and after few posts we lost a topic.
    let's follow topic and make vote on voting poll

    also if we compare hw/sw solution. it's god to hear what kind of problem and limitation you haved. If you have posibilities to see sollution of different vendors please let us know about that.
    just for example
    If you choose apple cinema display, did you compare with nec or eizo?
    how acd fit in your worflow? what is limitation? what you like ? what you dislike?
    if you use some sw,
    why you prefer this xyz app. Beacuse you are familiar or what? Didi you try other sw?
    How mucch time you use sw or hw. what is difference between version?
    give to us more detail.
    don't be angy at me,
    you posts sound like "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad"

    There is very god posts where technician try to help guy with ctp and somebody start spamming. Why? Please take a time and read where is the problem. If you don't know how to help don't give wrong advice.

    one facebook is enough

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    I think everyone is just trying to post enough stuff so they can access the good downloads eventually. Voting in a poll probably doesn't change your post count. 20 posts before access is granted is a myth anyway from what I've read.
    I shoulda gone to college instead of the family print shop...

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    Voting/poll features has enabled. search "voting" from [url]http://www.printroot.com/forum/faq.php[/url]
    see how to Creating and Participating in Polls.
    also please voting here: [url]http://www.printroot.com/forum/f11/site-speed-3142/[/url]

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