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Thread: observations, suggestions, rants...

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    observations, suggestions, rants...

    just a few observations and suggestions so far:

    - people have been flooding the threads with 1-font-per-thread posts. some are posting free fonts that you can easily search in free font sites. it's getting really annoying seriously.

    - i don't get the exclusivity in posting in the printing resource part of the board since people are posting anywhere anything anyway just to up their post count. i suggest it should only be for exclusive content (should there be any) or maybe put the request thread there then have post count requirements (5-10 or so)

    - i suggest we have a font section with threads for specific foundries.

    - i want to share fonts but since i don't see any organization, i don't know where to post.

    - and can anybody please explain why the word "o-n-e" can't be posted in this forum???

    i want to get more involved in this forum but man it's getting too cluttered everyday. somebody PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. the forum is becoming more and more popular so please please please get sh*t together otherwise people will leave. and please, maybe think of other perks donors can have so that people will be encouraged to donate instead of just having instant access to the printing resource area.

    just my 2 cents.
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