Hello People,

yesterday I found this forum throught a chiniese site wich ripps the threads here and sells the apps to it's users there.

Since I'm here my staying on this site even if I was happy to find some apps that a maybe one day get. all in all it's not realy a flow expierence.
Speed is lacking, resources are unkown and some how the need to get over 20 post to get in touch with the content is demotivating.

The printing sector is through his complexity a hard field for new comers, why is this forum the same?

I bet there are good reasons, like the need to involve the people, so that they contribute and get out of this comsumer mood.

But still even If the resources look promising the packaging is not realy a inspiration.
By writing my thoughts I cool down and maybe get to the mood of the other users.

Kind regards