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Thread: For morpheo1967

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    For morpheo1967

    I tried PMing you but the system tells me you can't receive messages anymore until you clean your Inbox. I can't post in the Printing Resources section. That being said, I do hope you read this post.

    Here is morpheo1967's original post:
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    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
    I feel the need to respond to your post. I get from your post that you are wondering why people are not replying "Thanks" to your post. You need to understand that some of us - me personally - cannot post in the Printing Resources section that's why I can only click the "Thanks" button to show my gratitude. Having people reply "Thanks" will only encourage people to spam threads to up their post count. If you mean that the number of people who downloaded the file does not correspond to the number of people who clicked "Thanks" in a particular post, unfortunately there are members who are douchebags who can't spare a second to click on a button.

    Anyway, I'm not appealing to you to lift the restriction you imposed. They're your links = you get to do whatever you want with them. Just wanna give my 2 cents

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