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Thread: for the members

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    for the members

    this post is for the members (like me):

    i created this post because i feel there is a need - plain and simple.

    printroot 101:

    welcome thread:

    the main threads are pretty self-explanatory.

    printing resource center:

    where all the goods are. all file sharing posts should be here.

    general discussions:

    based on the areas in this part of the board, it is where members can ask anything graphic arts-wise ie. what software is good to use for whatever reason.

    in off-topic:

    as the name says, it's off-topic. the "introduce yourself" thread is here. the non-graphic design-related books, programs, etc goes here too.

    members' etiquette:

    - post in the right part of the forum. it takes time and effort to move threads to their respective places.

    - for the love of god, PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION! it's there for a reason.

    - don't flood. it's really annoying! i know some of you want to up your post count but there are other ways to do that. and please use the "THANKS" button instead of flooding the thread with "omg thanks" or "thank youuuuu" or whatever.

    - don't use other people's links. that's a douchbag move y'all. i posted an example of this here: http://www.printroot.com/forum/f11/proof-posts-should-screened-better-28576/

    if the link is dead, reply to the post and say it's dead, but if you have the file, upload it to your file hosting site yourself.

    we need to make the mods' work easier y'all! and seriously, these are common-sensical guidelines.
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