dear admin(s),

first of all,
thank you for creating such a wonderful site/forum!!!hats off to you all.

i am joyful to be a member of this forum but i was in for a rude shock when i learned i have to have a post of 20 or more to enter the 'Printing Resource Center' or just let me quote the line:
* You can share some printing related softwares and/or patchs.
I thought post related to softwares and/or patches links is to be in the 'Printing Resource Center' only!

So, please clarify about what is quoted we newbies can't reply to posts or start new threads in the 'Printing Resource Center' forum where we can reply to post or start new threads for un-posted softwares or newer versions or alternate links to them.

another thing...after posting a reply in [URL=""]Introduce yourself - Make Friends[/URL], my post count is still '0'!!

please look into what i said...if you find the time.