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Thread: File Upload Deleted Problem

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    File Upload Deleted Problem

    Hello Printroot Members,

    Due to the increasingly better scanners these days, we have seen files uploaded to filesharing services are deleted due to copyright notice within weeks, sometimes within days, after upload that generate reupload requests. For many of us, uploading is a very slow process and reupload requests are sometimes seen as pain in the ***, notoriously so when the file is big.
    To avoid/delay detection and minimize the problem we can:
    1. Password the archived files including directory & filenames so nobody without the password can see the content of the archive
    2. Use rather cryptic archive name, something like EskSftwrSt10.7z instead of Esko.Software.Suite.10.7z, full descriptive filename tends to raise curiosity on casual searches and gets public exposure
    3. Avoid using this the word crack/patch/key/keygen/serial as part of archive name, use something like AdbAcrbtPro10.w.k.7z to avoid attention, especially from crack sites
    4. Avoid using this site name as part of archive name since this site name is the standard password used here, it's unintentional publishing of password and/or draw attention from copyright owners and authorities to this site

    Please add your items of concern to develop strong standard upload practice in our forum. Maybe Admins/Mods can publish standard upload checklist & suggestion later on after we iron out the wrinkles.

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