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  1. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Shameless (Positype)
  2. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lust Script (Positype)
  3. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Stay Gold (Decade Typefoundry)
  4. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Identify Font
  5. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Gordon (Letterbox)
  6. [REQUEST] VLNL Tp Martini (VetteLetters)
  7. [REQUEST] Klavika Display (Process Type Foundry)
  8. [REQUEST] Argos (Hoftype)
  9. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sonus (Hoftype)
  10. [REQUEST COMPLETED] OXO (Typedepot)
  11. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Frigidaire (URW++)
  12. [REQUEST] Legere (B2302)
  13. [REQUEST COMPLETED] F37 Form (F37 Foundry)
  14. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lemon Serif (Type Department)
  15. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Verse Sans + Serif (Hubert Jochem Type)
  16. [REQUEST] Mislab (Typofonderie)
  17. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Pauline Didone (Insigne)
  18. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Prankster JNL (Jeff Levine)
  19. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Technical Lettering JNL (Jeff Levine)
  20. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Vintage Panels NF (Nick's Fonts)
  21. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tolstoy (TypeArt Foundry)
  22. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Clear Sans (Positype)
  23. [REQUEST] Isotope (Scannerlicker)
  24. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Andrea's Handwriting | Andrea's Handwriting II (StuArt)
  25. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Serafine FY (FontYou)
  26. [REQUEST] Giddelham (Wearecolt)
  27. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Flows (Okaycat)
  28. [REQUEST] Trooper Jazzerini (DTrooper Foundry)
  29. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Jubileum (Hanoded)
  30. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lobo (Chicken)
  31. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Santa's Pen (Fontforecast)
  32. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lumin Sans (Typotheque)
  33. [REQUEST] MB Geometrixa | MB Sixtythree (M-B Creative)
  34. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lava (Typotheque)
  35. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Edita Family (Type Together)
  36. [REQUEST COMPLETED] String (Lian Types)
  37. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mittwoch (insigne)
  38. [REQUEST] Iron Horse (Letterhead Fonts)
  39. [REQUEST] Beauchef (Cabinet Type)
  40. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Romanovsky (ParaType)
  41. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ripe Apricot (ParaType)
  42. [REQUEST] Astoria (Alan Meeks Collection)
  43. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Klavika Condensed (Processtype)
  44. [REQUEST] Halvan (FSD)
  45. [REQUEST] Abitare Sans (FSD)
  46. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Brother Tattoo (Måns Grebäck/Vicky Mardian, VMF)
  47. [REQUEST] Heirloom Artcraft (Baseline Fonts)
  48. [REQUEST] Bad Hood Images (House Industries)
  49. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Collection (words+pictures)
  50. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Artcraft Pro (URW++)
  52. [REQUEST] Skarpa 2.0 (Aga Silva)
  53. [REQUEST] Mrs Green (Hipopotam Studio)
  54. [REQUEST] Packard Script (Letterhead Fonts)
  55. [REQUEST] Valiant (Fontsmith)
  56. [REQUEST] FS Hackney (Fontsmith)
  57. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FS Maja (Fontsmith)
  58. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] FF Masala Script (FontFont)
  59. [REQUEST] Maisy (Cultivated Mind)
  60. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Pyes Pa (Tim Donaldson)
  61. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Otama Family (Tim Donaldson)
  62. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hocus Pocus (David Occhino)
  63. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Times LT Pro (Linotype)
  64. [REQUEST] Antique Shop (Letterheadfonts)
  65. TUTORIAL : HOW TO USE [HIDE] AND [CODE] tags to hide any content (Updated 2.0)
  66. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Font identification
  67. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Lirico + Edward (Ourtype)
  68. [REQUEST] Subliminal BF (Bomparte's Fonts)
  69. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sherbet BF (Bomparte's Fonts)
  70. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Exquise FY (Fontyou)
  71. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Morning News (Wiescher Design)
  72. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Contraption / Dead Rite / Whipsnapper (Pink Broccoli)
  73. [REQUEST COMPLETED] A2 Ergonomics (A2-TYPE)
  74. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Odesta (URTD/ Vllg)
  75. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Superior Title (MCKL/Vllg)
  76. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Miller Banner (Font Bureau)
  77. [REQUEST] DV Edition Serif (Michael Diehl)
  78. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Architext BB & Silver Bullet BB (Blambot)
  79. [REQUEST] Universal College (Fontscafe)
  80. Compiled List of Outstanding Font Requests (MS Word Doc)
  81. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Skinny Walrus (Mur)
  82. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Zipolite (Cocijotype)
  83. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] BullyGirl / Clumsy / Blooming (Gaslight)
  84. [REQUEST] Chicha (Cocijotype)
  85. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Impala Script (Sideshow)
  86. [FONT ID] Titling letters used on this book cover
  87. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mineral (bb-bureau)
  88. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Battle Cry (Comicraft)
  89. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Value (Colophon Foundry)
  90. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Clarendon Text (Canada Type)
  91. [REQUEST] Phoenica STD Mono (preussType)
  92. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Society Editor (Måns Grebäck)
  93. [REQUEST] Bachata (YouWorkForThem)
  94. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Black Slabbath (YWFT)
  95. [REQUEST] Prune (La Boite Graphique)
  96. [REQUEST] Neutral (Letterlabor)
  97. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Hybrea (Typodermic)
  98. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Boom (Albatross)
  99. [REQUEST] Demetria (Andinistas)
  100. [REQUEST] Unearthed (Blambot)
  101. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sutturah (Rosetta Type Foundry)
  102. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Wide Display ( Gaslight )
  103. [REQUEST] Mackinlay (John Studden - Letterhead Fonts)
  104. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Angel (Letterhead Fonts)
  105. [REQUEST] Quaker (John Studden - Letterhead Fonts)
  106. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Spaz (Letterhead Fonts)
  107. [REQUEST] Diploma (John Studden - Letterhead Fonts)
  108. [FONT ID PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Please help identify font in picture
  109. [REQUEST COMPLETED] dearJoeHannes (JOEBOB graphics)
  110. [REQUEST] MFC Zulu Monogram (Monogram Fonts Co.)
  111. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Emedan / Varvid / Vibertus (Cercurius)
  112. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Please help identify font in picture
  113. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] NB Grotesk, Round, Pro Mono (Neubauladen)
  114. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Gaisma (Lamatas), A. Boecklin (URW++), Reznicek (RMU)
  115. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mexique (Ismael Fino)
  116. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Authentic Labels (Decade Typefoundry)
  117. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Heraldic Creatures (Gerald Gallo)
  118. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Red Square (Comicraft)
  119. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Font in picture
  120. Missing ntintis posts.
  121. [REQUEST] Mensa (Aviation Partners)
  122. [REQUEST COMPLETED] RM Regular (Mash Creative)
  123. [REQUEST COMPLETED] NB-Antiqua Pro (NeubauLaden)
  124. [REQUEST] NB-Typewriter Pro (NeubauLaden)
  125. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Good (FontFont)
  126. [REQUEST] Neutura fonts (Neutura)
  128. [REQUEST] Pictos (Drew Wilson)
  129. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Nelson (Laura Worthington)
  130. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Boatbuilder (Crave)
  131. [REQUEST] Dejavu Pro (DutchFonts)
  132. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Catalog (Gestalten/Binnenland)
  133. Mocking Bird (GarageFonts)
  134. [REQUEST] Bock (Latinotype)
  135. [REQUEST] Australian Type Foundry collection
  136. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Storybook Romance / Aryana (Melifonts)
  137. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] DB News, DB Office & Deutsche Bahn (Christian Schwartz)
  138. [REQUEST] Macro (Jagjagvi)
  139. [REQUEST] Hand Scribble Sketch (TypoGraphicDesign)
  140. [REQUEST] VMF GoldMiner, Pure Black (Vicky Mardian Font)
  141. [REQUEST] Statut (Dzianis Serabrakou)
  142. [REQUEST] Jirue (sindsindsind)
  143. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Logotype Frenzy (Decade Type Foundry)
  144. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Estilo Pro (DSType)
  145. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Stat Text / Display (Jure Kožuh)
  146. [REQUEST COMPLETED] PT Sewed (Volcano)
  148. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Greta Sans (Typotheque)
  149. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sini (Hiekka Graphics)
  150. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Slate Pro (Monotype)
  151. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Live (Lián Types)
  152. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Babysitter (Hanoded)
  153. [REQUEST] Castlerock (Letterheadfonts)
  154. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Corbert (The Northern Block)
  155. [REQUEST] Ludwig / Ludwig Pro (Ourtype)
  156. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF More (FontFont)
  157. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Al Fresco (Laura Worthington)
  158. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Rubrik (newlyn.com)
  159. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Martines (URW++)
  160. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Trivia Grotesk (Storm Type)
  161. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Baby/Children Fonts
  162. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Elido (Kontour Type)
  163. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Huronia (Rosettatype)
  164. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Loreto (Tipo.net.ar Foundry)
  165. [FONT ID PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Antiqua with many Swashes and Alternates
  166. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Block BE (Berthold)
  167. [REQUEST] Pan AR (ARTypes)
  168. To mcsanjose22 (Berthold Requests)
  169. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Schneider-Antiqua (Berthold)
  170. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Relevant (Binnenland)
  171. [REQUEST] Sinkwitz Gotisch (preussTYPE)
  172. [REQUEST COMPLETED] El Greco (Berthold)
  173. [REQUEST] Lunetta (Sawdust)
  174. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tuscany (Classic Font Company)
  175. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Comicrazy (Comicraft)
  176. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Poppl-Residenz (Berthold)
  177. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Supria Sans (HVD Fonts)
  178. [REQUEST] Mrs Summer (Hipopotam Studio)
  179. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Medusa (ReType)
  180. [REQUEST] Komela (Okaycat)
  181. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Pirouette (Linotype)
  182. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Trocadero Pro (RMU)
  183. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Impara (Hoftype)
  184. [REQUEST] Bague (Eurotypo)
  185. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bentele-Unziale (ARTypes)
  186. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Belle Jardin / Cherritt / Chipperly / Compton (Greater Albion)
  187. [REQUEST] Chinese Calligraphic fonts (MAC OS)
  188. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Boldina / Maga (DSType)
  189. [REQUEST] AT Argyn / AT Bombarda / AT Katamaran (Architaraz)
  190. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Chambers Sans (FontFont)
  191. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Unlovable (Letterheadfonts)
  193. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Kievit Slab (FontFont)
  194. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Union (Radim Pesko)
  195. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Orbe Pro (Fountain)
  196. [REQUEST COMPLETED] LCT Flash (Lanston Type Company)
  197. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Modern No 20 (Linotype)
  198. [REQUEST COMPLETED] PMN Caecilia Pro (Linotype)
  199. [REQUEST] Borba (Uppertype)
  200. [REQUEST] Akila (UpperType)
  201. [REQUEST] Shockproof (Haiku Monkey)
  202. [REQUEST] Myrna (Haiku Monkey)
  203. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Chittenden (Haiku Monkey)
  204. [REQUEST] Goniec / Larsson / Skurier / Tygodnik (GRIN3 Nowak)
  205. [REQUEST] Akila (UpperType)
  206. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Avant Garde Alternate Glyphs / Alternates (ITC)
  207. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lisboa Pro (Ricardo Santos / Fountain Type)
  208. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tyrnavia (T-26)
  209. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bon Appetit complete (Latinotype)
  210. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Trilon (Terminal Design)
  211. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Swagg (Richard Miller)
  212. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Falace (TeGeType)
  213. [REQUEST] Warrior (Castle Type)
  214. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mansion (David Occhino)
  215. [REQUEST COMPLETED] - ITC Modern No. 216 (ITC)
  216. [REQUEST COMPLETED] XXII Marker (Doubletwo Studios)
  217. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bank Gothic (FontFont)
  218. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Omega (Thinkdust)
  219. [REQUEST] Tar complete (T.26)
  220. [REQUEST COMPLETED ] Drone (T.26)
  221. [REQUEST] Chato (T.26)
  222. [REQUEST] Letterpress type - Volume 1 (T.26)
  223. [REQUEST COMPLETED] BF Girando Pro (Brass Fonts)
  224. [REQUEST COMPLETED] BF Tara (Brass Fonts)
  225. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Pompeian Cursive (Wordshape)
  226. [REQUEST COMPLETED] HWT Bon Air (Hamilton Wood Type Foundry)
  227. [REQUEST COMPLETED] April Rain (Scrowleyfonts)
  228. [RE-UP REQUEST] Sirba + Galena (Type Together + Typorium)
  229. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Speedball (Intellecta Design)
  230. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Queen of hearts (BA Graphics)
  231. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Zamenhof (Castletype)
  232. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Grizzly Bear (Match & Kerosene)
  233. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tatlin (MacCampus)
  234. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Stenberg family (ITC)
  235. [REQUEST COMPLETED] East Bloc family (Linotype)
  236. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Monolein (T-26) PS/OTF
  237. [REQUEST] Les Rosbif (Youworkforthem)
  238. [REQUEST] Laudanum (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  239. [REQUEST] De Soto Family (Stephen Rapp)
  240. [REQUEST] Quimera (PampaType)
  241. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Oxide Solid (FontFont)
  242. [REQUEST] Colaba (Iain Hector/YWFT)
  243. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sailors Dream (Sebastian Cabaj)
  244. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Atomgeek (Pizzadude.dk)
  245. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tutti Paffuti (Nick Curtis NF)
  246. [REQUEST] Domestic Bliss / Jackpot / On Hangers (Funk_King)
  247. [REQUEST] Annabel Lee / Artichoke / Bulwark / Front Page / Georgie / (Jonahfonts)
  249. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sommet Serif (Insigne)