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  1. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Demis / Enforcer / (Tour de Force)
  2. [FONT ID] Help identifying this font!
  3. [FONT ID] Help identifying this font...
  4. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Carter Sans™ (ITC)
  5. [REQUEST] Mencken (The Baltimore Sun)
  6. [FONT ID] Help identifying a font?
  7. [REQUEST] Ardoise (Jean Francois Porchez) Complete
  8. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Woodland Doodles (Outside The Lines)
  10. [REQUEST] Columna (URW++) Complete
  11. [REQUEST] ArchiType/ArchiType Rounded/ArchiLogo (Archiness)
  12. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Monsal (The Northern Block)
  13. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Prored (Tour De Force)
  14. [REQUEST] Miss Seshat (Eurotypo)
  15. [REQUEST] FM Ted (FontMeister)
  16. REQUEST] Misses Twiggs (Type Innovations)
  17. [REQUEST] Grand Slam (Spiece Graphics)
  18. [REQUEST] Home Movies (Jeff Levine)
  19. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] FF Info Text Pro / Erik Spiekermann (FontFont)
  20. [REQUEST] Winery JNL (Jeff Levine)
  21. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Empire Display / Libran / Lillianesque (Bean & Morris)
  22. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sharp Sans No.1 (Village)
  23. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Help identifying a font? (Exo)
  24. [REQUEST] Nanette (Fajardo)
  25. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Westbrook (JNL)
  26. [REQUEST] Commodore (JNL)
  27. [REQUEST] Hayfork (JNL)
  28. [REQUEST] Plain Talk (JNL)
  29. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Sign Crafters (JNL)
  30. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eckhardt Brushletter (JNL)
  31. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Titling (JNL)
  32. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Signwriter (JNL)
  33. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Sans (JNL)
  34. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Poster Deco (JNL)
  35. [REQUEST PARTIALY COMPLETED] Eckhardt Poster Brush (JNL)
  36. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Inline (JNL)
  37. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eckhardt Headline + Headline Slant (JNL)
  38. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Display Serif (JNL)
  39. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Broad Sans (JNL)
  40. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Poster Board (JNL)
  41. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eckhardt Poster Display (JNL)
  42. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Poster Text (JNL)
  43. [REQUEST] Eckhardt Slabserif (JNL)
  44. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eckhardt Dualine (JNL)
  45. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Eckhardt Casual (JNL)
  46. [REQUEST] Emporia Roman (Bean & Morris)
  48. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Shentox (Emtype Foundry)
  49. [REQUEST] Zar Brush / Zar Brush Gothic (SzarDesign)
  51. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Jekatep / Sailfin (ActiveSphere)
  52. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Chokey Pro (AVP)
  53. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Textbook New (ParaType)
  54. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Kaffeesatz EF Schwarz / Suess / Weiss (Elsner & Flake)
  55. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Script Font (Flemish)
  56. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bulldog Slab (Club Type)
  57. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Tuesnight (PintassilgoPrints)
  58. [REQUEST] WSK (Fatchair)
  59. [REQUEST] PTL Trafo (Primetype)
  60. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Building & Loan (K-Type)
  61. [REQUEST] Cordial / Harpo (Elemeno)
  62. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Gunsmoke (FontMesa)
  63. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Regency (Studio K)
  64. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Magallanes Essential (Los Andes)
  65. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Font Identification
  66. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Nueva (Adobe) Complete
  67. [FONT ID COMPLETED] The Little Mermaid Font
  68. [REQUEST] Remo (OurType)
  69. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Greko Roman Oldstyle (Intellecta Design)
  70. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Liebe Doris (Liebefonts)
  71. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Modern Brush (Street Type)
  72. [REQUEST] Sparhawk (Albatross)
  73. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Runout (Juraj Chrastina)
  74. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Aspic / Asphalt (Alias)
  75. [REQUEST] Bergling Panels (LHF)
  77. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Pipeline (LHF)
  78. [REQUEST] Bubbly Hills / ShAqA (Okaycat)
  79. [REQUEST] Vincenzo (CastleType)
  80. [REQUEST COMPLETED] International (Yes Please)
  81. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Diagonal / Elizabeth / Futura ND Display (Neufville Digital)
  82. [REQUEST COMPLETED] LHF Ridgecrest (Letterhead Fonts)
  83. [REQUEST] Azuree/Fidelio/Ilerda (Neufville Digital)
  84. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Ole/Paris/Sully Jonquieres (Neufville Digital)
  85. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Duplicate (Commercial Type)
  86. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Shàngó/Shàngó Gothic (CastleType)
  87. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Linotype Carmen (Linotype) 2003
  88. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Standard Shaded Slab (Yes Please)
  89. REQUEST] Hackman / Metral (The Northern Block)
  90. [REQUEST] Trooper Grotesque (DTrooper Foundry)
  91. [REQUEST] Ponderous (Dawnland)
  92. [REQUEST] Aliykit Open (John Moore Type Foundry)
  93. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Morenita (John Moore Type Foundry)
  94. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Stuffed Shirt (Jeff Levine)
  95. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Core Magic (S-Core)
  96. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Typonine Stencil (Typonine)
  97. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Voice (Hubert Jocham Type)
  98. [REQUEST] FF Elementa Rough Pro (FontFont)
  99. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Elementa Pro (FontFont)
  100. [REQUEST] Samaritan Tall (Comicraft)
  101. [REQUEST] Baskerville eText (Linotype)
  102. [REQUEST] Istanbul (Kutan URAL)
  103. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Glober (Fontfabric)
  104. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Argus (Les Usherwood)
  105. [REQUEST] Friz Quadrata (Linotype)
  106. [REQUEST] Dutch Mediaeval Family (Canada Type)
  107. [Request] Nadia (Type Innovations)
  108. [FONT ID] Festival de Hyères.
  109. [REQUEST COMPLETED] NataliScript (ParaType)
  110. [REQUEST] My Cyrk (Hipopotam Studio)
  111. [FONT ID] Font Identification
  112. [REQUEST COMPLETED] BF Fiona Script (Brass Fonts)
  113. [REQUEST] Geometry Soft Pro (Cheap Pro Fonts)
  114. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Dutch Mediaeval Condensed (Canada Type)
  115. [REQUEST] Tooting Sans (HamburgerFonts)
  116. [REQUEST] Westward (JNL)
  117. [REQUEST] Amersham (Greater Albion Typefounders)
  118. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Suicca (Alvaro Thomaz)
  119. [REQUEST] Derzeit Grotesk (Derzeit)
  120. [FONT ID] Font Identification
  121. [REQUEST COMPLETED] ITC Golden Cockerel™ (ITC)
  122. [REQUEST] Cadiz (Luzi Type)
  123. [REQUEST] Neutral (Letterlabor)
  124. [REQUEST] Radium (Typespec)
  125. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Beatle (lián Types)
  126. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Sol Pro (Canada Tyoe)
  127. [REQUEST] YWFT Motown Expanded (YWFT)
  128. [REQUEST COMPLETED] West of China (Monotype)
  129. [FONT ID] Ted Baker poster fonts
  130. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Used by various youtubers
  131. [FONT ID] Font Identification
  132. Crack Preps 6.3
  133. [REQUEST] Art Lesson (Jeff Levine)
  134. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Merry Baubles (Greater Albion Typefounders)
  135. [REQUEST] JWX Twisted Star (Janworx)
  136. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Black Currant (Ultramarin)
  137. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ekeras V2 (Type Innovations)
  138. [REQUEST] Bandelwerk (2D Typo)
  139. [REQUEST] Sketchimpact / Viktor (Librito.de)
  140. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Central Avenue Bold (Colophon)
  141. [REQUEST] La-Fabrique Heavy (Colophon)
  142. [FONT ID COMPLETED] this script font or something simila
  143. [REQUEST COMPLETED] FF Karbid (FontFont)
  144. [FONT ID] - Unknown Face, Maybe just had a Half Tone
  145. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Cutz (Librito.de)
  146. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Helvetica?
  147. [REQUEST] Le Chaufferie / Le Francois (205)
  148. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Qualico (Jonahfonts)
  149. [REQUEST] Iso Metrix / Jugendstil Borders (Nick's Fonts)
  150. [REQUEST] DeCoro / Gordis / Takox (John Moore Type Foundry)
  151. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Numberplate Belgium (Lineto)
  152. [REQUEST] Bubblewrap / Flat Pack (Fontmill Foundry)
  153. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Kazootie (Chank)
  154. [REQUEST] Rooters (Twicolabs)
  155. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Latin Bold Condensed (Wooden Type Fonts)
  156. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Dusty Circus (Baseline)
  157. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ola Script 4F (4th february)
  158. [REQUEST] Khamai Pro (DBSV)
  159. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Monkton (Club Type)
  160. [FONT ID] or Similar
  161. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Radiant Extra Condensed (CastleType)
  162. [FONT ID] Can you please help me identify this font?
  163. [REQUEST] Recape (Cape Arcona)
  164. [REQUEST] Maya Tiles (aga silva)
  165. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Luco Sans (Artill)
  166. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Nue (Antipixel)
  167. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Plaak (Bureau 205)
  168. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Maurice Sendak book cover
  169. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Softcore ? Mono ?
  170. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Core Sans NR (S-Core)
  171. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Rooftop Run (Blambot)
  172. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Script font
  173. [REQUEST] Mymra Forte (TipografiaRamis)
  174. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Condesqa 4F (4th february)
  175. [REQUEST] Ol Gotham Gothic (Dennis Ortiz-Lopez)
  176. [REQUEST] Laughing At You (PizzaDude.dk)
  177. [REQUEST] Guadalupana / Kalimba (John Vargas Beltrán)
  178. [REQUEST] Frustro (Martzi Hegedűs/ Behance)
  179. [REQUEST COMPLETED] RePublic (Suitcase Type Foundry) 2007 Originals
  180. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Gargoyle (Calligraphics)
  181. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Clan Thin Italic (Lukasz Dziedzic)
  183. [REQUEST] Arco Dot (Okaycat)
  184. [REQUEST] Caslon1821 (Apostrof)
  185. [REQUEST COMPLETED] AZ Postcard 3D (Artist of Design)
  186. [REQUEST] Buddy Lotion (PizzaDude.dk)
  187. [REQUEST] Shiloh (Zang-O-Fonts)
  188. [REQUEST COMPLETED] RM Slabb (Ray Meadows)
  189. [REQUEST] Grotesca (GroupType)
  190. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Bigfoot (K-Type)
  191. [REQUEST] Vibertus (Cercurius)
  192. REQUEST] Palomba / (ARTypes)
  193. [REQUEST] Baldione (Greater Albion Typefounders)
  194. [REQUEST] Old Miami Beach / Stuffed Shirt (Jeff Levine)
  195. [REQUEST] Redisturbed (Jeremy Tankard Typography)
  196. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Colonel (205)
  197. [FONT ID] What font is this
  198. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lubalin Graph (ITC) Originals
  199. [REQUEST] WDR Serif (Bold Monday)
  200. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Used in basketball site
  201. [REQUEST] Brick City (IC Fonts)
  202. [REQUEST COMPLETED] ABC / Suredog (Fontmill Foundry)
  203. [REQUEST] Master (Jure Kožuh)
  204. [REQUEST PARTIALLY COMPLETED] Morenita / Roadline (John Moore Type Foundry)
  205. [REQUEST] Aliykit Open / JMTF Robin (John Moore Type Foundry)
  206. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Waterman (John Moore Type Foundry)
  207. [REQUEST] Asheron (Alexey Makarov)
  208. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Pharmount (Måns Grebäck)
  209. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Black Fox (Måns Grebäck)
  210. [REQUEST] Istanbul (hellofont)
  211. [REQUEST COMPLETED] South Beach (BA Graphics)
  212. [REQUEST] Pop Flowers (kapitza)
  213. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Epoch (Jonahfonts)
  214. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Unchain My Heart (Harald Geisler)
  215. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Vantage (Jonahfonts)
  216. [REQUEST] Amphigory (GraphicRiver / LadyBezigon)
  217. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lichtspiele (Typocalypse)
  218. [FONT ID] Thomas Azier album (by Ben Roth)
  219. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lakesight (Måns Grebäck)
  220. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Cookogram Outline & Solid (Jure Kozuh)
  221. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Cabriolet (John Vargas Beltrán)
  222. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Make Magazines Not War – Facing Pages
  223. [FONT ID COMPLETED] Script font name? (Custom)
  224. [REQUEST COMPLETED] DR Galushki Hole (Dmitry Rastvortsev)
  225. [REQUEST] Geronimo (TEFF)
  226. [REQUEST] Flex (Bold Monday)
  227. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Briem Akademi Family (Gunnlaugur SE Briem)
  228. [REQUEST] Verdigris Pro (MVB)
  229. [FONT ID] Font Identification
  230. [REQUEST] Ganeau (Sandrine Nugue)
  231. [REQUEST] FF DIN (Albert-Jan Pool)
  232. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Charley Style / Koobler (Zang-O-Fonts)
  233. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Ames' Roman (Greater Albion Typefounders) 2014
  234. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Cadogan (Device)
  235. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Lakeland JNL (Jeff Levine)
  236. [REQUEST] Hammertone (Storm Type)
  237. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Jabana (Nils Types)
  238. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Haarlemmer Pro (Monotype/Linotype)
  239. [REQUEST] Blck Phnx / Lilith X / Ponderous (Dawnland)
  240. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Puzzler (Emigre)
  241. [REQUEST] Meep (Dawnland)
  242. [REQUEST] Atelier Neue (Ten Dollar Fonts)
  243. [REQUEST] Fella (Kelly Farmer)
  244. [REQUEST] Tartine Script Pro (FontFont)
  245. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Slab Happy (Will Ryan) 2013
  246. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Mancho (Ahmet Altun)
  247. [REQUEST] Linem Up JNL (Jeff Levine)
  248. [REQUEST] Messy Linocut 2D (2D Typo)
  249. [REQUEST COMPLETED] Breathtaking Beauty (PizzaDude.dk)
  250. [REQUEST] The Carmichael Theorum (Zang-O-Fonts)