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Thread: Yes, I worked more comfortable with Freehand.

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    Yes, I worked more comfortable with Freehand.

    This is a meditation that I have to do as a graphic designer. I still remember how in 2004 Macromedia Freehand MX amply made ​​up for most of my needs as a designer.

    Deficiencies in terms of typography were already palpable at that time but could have been solved with updates. Unfortunately Adobe wanted to erase its huge competition in this sector doing what the industry giants often do, to kill the enemy.

    Since we live in a world ruled by Adobe, it is easy to think that after paying the license suite should ask yourself why pay for something you already have? In this sense Adobe Illustrator is a robust software compatible with all other applications of the brand but you feel that you do not work as comfortably as you did with Freehand.

    Start-ups as Quasado, that I follow some time ago on the social networks, have heard the voices of those melancholy Freehand users and nonconformist Adobe 's monopoly. Therefore, they are developing a new free software called Gravit. I'm not a staunch advocate of free and open software because I believe that professionals should have the best tool for their job, with fast and efficient support but this time I want to give them a chance and I'll prove it thoroughly.

    I wanted to share this with Printroot's community to see if there are some users like me who misses Freehand on their computers daily.

    Sorry for my english

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    Hrmm... I never used it. I do hear people long for Fireworks as a web design alternative.

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    i was a huge advocate for Freehand before it was discontinued, but ive been using illustrator for so long, that i've forgotton about it. Im sure if i were to launch freehand now, im sure i'd find it very archaic. At the end of the day, it's what make you feel most comfortable.

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    For all the freehand fans (I'm one of them) there are some solutions:
    - freehandforum.org.
    - tensai ai plug-in if you want to convert you old freehand files to illustrator.
    - keep a copy of snow leopard on you disk.

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    Aaah, ALDUS Freehand. Now that was a good program back in the day. Way before Macromedia purchased it.

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    I know some workshops where they are still using Freehand. I've learned using Freehand and Pagemaker. I'll check Gravit just for fun.

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