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Thread: Working with Colour - Tips and Suggestions

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    Working with Colour - Tips and Suggestions

    Hi guys.

    As a self-taught designer, I pretty much learned everything I know by myself but the one thing that has remained a constant problem/that I've struggled to get a hang of, is colour use. I can start and finish a design without issue in Photoshop or Illustrator but have a disability of balancing my colours and achieving a mood that compliments the design.

    For the most part, I reference others' work from Dribbble, Behance, etc. but wanted to know how any of you guys figured it out? I know about many PS/web extensions, Adobe's Kuler (Color), etc. and the discipline of using a colour wheel, but still struggle.

    Are there any other tips and suggestions to finally be able to work with colour?


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    As with most things it's practice to get a good sensitivity to colour use. Ask yourself why do you find certain colour palettes pleasing to the eye when looking at other work or when you're out and about. Play with it at home - keep practicing.

    Re. Colour Wheel: There are no rules when it comes to colour palettes - it's all subjective. You can find many combinations that don't adhere to traditional use of colour.

    Looking through interior magazines for inspiration such as World of Interiors is great as well as some of the homes/places featured tend to have really interesting use of colour.

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