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Thread: What color swatch do you use for logo design?

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    Junior Member Thanatos will become famous soon enough
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    PANTONE or hexachrome ( the last mostly because the printer i work with uses also that )

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    Junior Member alxs24 is on a distinguished road
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    Use cmyk if the budget is tight, spot color can be expensive,but otherwise just use pantone.

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    Junior Member CaptainQ is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Pantone is the standard in the industry.

    Also either you use coated or uncoated depend on what you are designing... you must know on which paper it's gonna be printed as this will have a huge influence on the final color.
    If you doing a brand, you must check both coated and uncoated to be assured the two colors are looking ok (you generally choose only one pantone number for the both).

    Also, if I had to choose of two charts, I would buy Pantone Bridge coated, and the bridge uncoated. Generally CMYK will looks like shit... so it's important to check ant the CMYK with bridge when you are choosing your pantone color.

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