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Thread: Virtual Font Folder 1.04

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    Virtual Font Folder 1.04

    Virtual Font Folder synchronizes your installed fonts with the contents of another folder or network share.

    Virtual Font Folder watches a user specified folder for changes. When one or more TrueType, OpenType or Type 1 files are dragged to the folder, they will be installed in Windows for use by applications. When font files are removed from this folder, VFF will also uninstall them from Windows.

    How is this useful?

    You may want to keep the required fonts for a project in a separate folder. While working on the project, drag the required fonts to the secondary font folder and they will be installed. When you are finished with the project, drag them out of the folder and they will be uninstalled.
    If you are a network administrator, you can ensure all the users on your network have the same set of fonts. Users install Virtual Font Folder on their workstations and point it to a network share. When fonts are added or removed from this folder, the changes will be replicated on the workstations in the network.

    Link: http://ifile.it/612oaue

    Pass: www.printroot.com

    Hope someone finds this useful.

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    This looks really useful, thanks. It beats clogging up your workstations having fonts available from one location.

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