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Spiral Graphics Genetica is an innovative node-based seamless texture, effect, and animation editor for professional 3D artists. With HDRI environment maps, more than 1000 presets, automatic seamlessness, and animation, Genetica will help you revolutionize your art. Genetica has been used on countless projects including games, animation, television programs, mobile applications, virtual words, and architectural visualization.

Spiral Graphics Genetica 4.0 (Studio/Pro/Basic)


Texture Synthesis
Use photographs to quickly create the most realistic seamless textures. Use your own photos or the included library of over a thousand royalty-free high-resolution texture photos.

Node-Based Workflow
All graphical elements can be visually rearranged, with no change being permanent. Results are resolution independent and automatically seamless.

Professional Drawing Tools
Create awesome designs with a full suite of drawing tools. Genetica will take care of making your drawings seamless.

Visual Styles
Achieve realism in seconds by applying sophisticated styles to your designs.

Powerful Lab System
Genetica combines the flexibility of its node-based system with a set of powerful Lab Nodes that automate tricky graphics tasks.

Advanced Lighting
Genetica simulates environmental reflections, global illumination, shadows, ambient occlusion, and more, in order to give you the most realistic surfaces possible.

Thousands of Presets
The number of preset textures, styles, and environment maps is now in the thousands. These royalty-free resources can be edited or used as-is in your projects.

Effect Maps
Genetica will generate effect maps that can be used in any of the channels supported by your 3D environment, such as bump, specular, reflection, luminance, and others.

Edit HDRI Environments
Create custom HDRI environment maps for use both within Genetica and your external 3D environment.

Render and Export HDRIs
Render and export HDRI environment maps in common formats like latitude/longitude, mirrored ball, and cubic.

Normal Maps
Enjoy fully-integrated normal map generation. Like any of the other effect maps created in Genetica, normal maps are automatically seamless and can be re-rendered at any desired resolution.

Hair and Fiber
The Hair node and Fiber Lab allow graphics professionals to quickly create a wide range of fully-seamless fibrous materials from animal fur to fuzzy cloth.

Batch Processor
The batch processor will allow you to automate a variety of repetitive tasks, such as applying the same effect to a number of textures, or automatically rendering large numbers of textures.

Lab Conversion
Convert Lab Nodes into node trees, giving you unmatched control over your textures.

HDRI and 32-Bit Output
Export images from Genetica in formats supporting high dynamic ranges and ultra-high color precision.

Create Animations
Create animated textures, transitions, and special effects.

Animation Presets
Take advantage of the library of royalty-free animated presets that come included in Genetica Studio.

Maximum Render Size
Higher editions are able to render textures at higher resolutions, 6000x6000 for Studio Edition.

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