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Thread: Smart Styles CS4 6.0.1 [Plugin Adobe InDesign]

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    Cool Smart Styles CS4 6.0.1 [Plugin Adobe InDesign]

    Smart Styles CS4 6.0.1 [Plugin Adobe InDesign] | 116 Mb

    The Smart Styles plugin for Adobe InDesign puts powerful automatic formatting capabilities at your fingertips.Define or apply text, object and table styles via drag-and-drop
    Interested in saving time on mind-numbing tasks like complex formatting of layout elements? Our Smart Styles plug-in is here to help.

    First, define your Smart Style. This is as simple as dragging a formatted page item into a Smart Styles library. Smart Styles will analyze the formatting of the object, determining repeating patterns of style changes, and stores it. To apply the complex formatting to another page item, simply drag-and-drop from the library onto the object(s) and you're done!

    Share, update and reuse formatting
    Smart Styles’ intelligent programming recognizes complex structures within tables, texts and other objects and does all the hard work for you. And, if you decide to modify a Smart Style that's already been applied, the entire document can be updated in a simple step.

    Smart Styles are stored in one or more InDesign libraries which can be shared easily with other users. Text styles and swatches used by Smart Styles are automatically created when they are not available in the document, so sharing and reusing styles has never been easier.

    Add spreadsheet functions to InDesign tables
    Smart Styles doesn’t stop at formatting. It can also help you by adding formulas to InDesign and InCopy tables and by sorting rows. You can use formulas such as Sum, Round, and Average to calculate totals, and use up to three sort criteria according to your specific language requirements.

    Smart Styles CS4 is a useful plugin that extends the possibilities of working with a powerful tool like Adobe InDesign.

    Here are some key features of "Smart Styles CS4":

    · Make complex formatting easy
    · Insert formulas into tables and sort rows
    · Reduce boring, repetitive tasks
    · Save time while creating your own library
    · Create consistent formatting throughout your documents
    · Use Smart Styles with Smart Layout plugin for even more efficiency for newspapers


    · Adobe InDesign

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    Any one know how to activate it?

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    May be

    I think it only buying the serial is the way!

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