Quartus II 11.0.157 Altera Complete Design Suite x86 & x64 | 6.11 GB

Enhanced support for Stratix V FPGA, namely: - Supports GigE and SDI embedded transceivers; - now support setting additional transceivers. parameters (receiver offset calibration, linear equalizer, and dynamic reconfiguration of PMA analog settings). Added debugging interface to external memory chips (Memory Interface Toolkit). The new facility allegedly allows real-time track the performance of the memory subsystem.

You can choose the most efficient mode of operation of the memory controller, changing its settings. Added a debugging tool for the transceiver (Transceiver Toolkit). Improved user interface manager channels enables real-time monitor link status of receivers and transmitters. Enhanced control panel lets the channels on the fly to change the parameters of transceivers and see how it affects the system.
All this allows developers to rapidly build and debug the board. There was a better means of rapid establishment of the project instead of QSys SOPS Builder. Allows you to quickly connect QSys-compatible IP-Cores blocks into a single system.
Additional improvements:
+ Improved Chip Planner (As for the settings of transceivers Stratix FPGA V);
+ adds support for 64-bit Windows and Linux for the DSP Builder
+ added another IP Core - Deinterlacer II IP core
+ improved support for Cyclone IV GX FPGAs and MAX V CPLDs (see final timing model can be generated and POF).
+ Finally Improved the problem with the Cyrillic alphabet in a text editor!))