ProofPlus possesses the capability to add emailing features to your Adobe InDesign CS Suite. It also allows you to add watermarks to your documents. You can attach and send common file formats like pdf, jpeg and eps, amongst others. ProofPlus offers ability in InDesign to define templates for Watermark, InDesign export format and templates for emails. These features can be combined to work together and automate your proofing workflow.

Email Solution
A regular practice for all InDesign professionals is to send their InDesign documents as emails. ProofPlus converts this desire into actual functionality by allowing the InDesign professionals to send emails directly to and from InDesign workspace itself.

Document Proofing and Addition of Watermarks
You can easily add watermarks to your InDesign documents, control the level of transparency of the watermaked images, relative size of Watermark Image and their position in the document.

ProofPlus allows you to automate the process of sending emails. The automation process also attaches file formats like pdf, jpeg and eps alongwith optional watermarks. You can predefine the subject and the body part of the emails. Configuration of either your default or your custom email clients with the InDesign documents is also made easy. ProofPlus is available for both Windows and the Macintosh platforms. Now ProofPlus is available for CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and launch for InDesign CS6 this month.

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