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Thread: Portable Adobe Illustrator CC 17.0.0

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    Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector graphics application designed for creating illustrations, digital graphics, web, video and mobile content. The new Mercury Performance System enhances your workflow, by providing greater speed on large files.

    What defines Adobe Illustrator is the complex vector drawing tools that allow you to create infinitely scalable graphics. The technical terms for the vectors is “resolution independent”, which means you can resize these elements without losing quality.

    This property extends to the effects section, too. Textures, blurs, shadows preserve their aspect, in spite of changing the resolution. In addition, Illustrator supports cross-media design, so the layout will adapt to your preferences, whether you draw or edit something for printing, publishing online, or displaying on a mobile phone.

    The streamlined interface is intuitive and easy to work with, thus maximizing your productivity. You can fluidly move through workspaces and maintain layout changes until you decide to reset them.

    Adobe Illustrator provides you with the essential tools that can ensure the best precision for your vector graphics. The image-tracing engine makes sure that created vectors are accurate and have a clean look. Gradients can be applied directly on objects or on strokes, while offering you full control over opacity and placement.

    Moreover, the brushes palette is extremely rich, with the possibility to create new ones. Two quick examples are the Blob Brush, which generates a single vector shape and the Bristle brush that achieves realistic strokes for a more natural look.

    Other features worth mentioning are the live distortion, 3D effects, the wide array of symbols, the possibility to blend shapes, the Gaussian blur, the Shape Builder, to name a few.

    In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator does sound like a good choice for artists and designers that require accuracy and precision in digital graphics. It encourages creativity and imagination, while working at the fastest speed.


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