Helps fast and effectively without errors to select a superfluous film around of the cut units. Function divides a card opening on zones adding lines so that each unit has been divided half-and-half. Especially helps at sampling a superfluous film around of fine texts which are most subject to soft errors, for example, together with a superfluous film it is possible to pull out accidentally a point or a comma, at usage of the given function the probability of an error is reduced to zero, plus decreases spent time.
Function allows to calculate common length of curves for the selected figures in CorelDraw.This function very much is useful, for example, at count of cost cutting. At calculation the program summarizes directly length of all curves Bezier not transforming them in set of short direct segments, it gives absolute accuracy of calculations. Simultaneously with it the program will help to count up cost cutting at the rate of the prices for one meter and taking into account the percentage discount the extra charge. Function works without limitations even without activation of the program.