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Thread: PC>Mac Which is your favorite and why? (not saying ios vs windows)

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    As a graphic designer I've always hated the "Designers use Mac" stereotype. A Mac is simply a high performance PC with a simplified OS dulled down so anyone can use it. It's put in a white box and has excellent marketing, which has made it popular with designers. I personally would rather have a high performance PC that can be upgraded as soon as new technology is released instead of waiting for the next Mac to hopefully implement the new features I want (& then pay double for them). Don't buy into good marketing, create it.

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    I love how open and modular PC platform is. And it is cheaper of coarse :)
    If are you tech savy, I would recommend Mac, but if you want little bit of DIY and look under the hood, go with PC.

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    I use both mac at work and pc/mac at home. I enjoy Mac's simplicity but definitely PCs are much cheaper to build and run.

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    It has to be Mac

    I personality love the personality of a Mac and how easy everything is to use!

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    I think both have their pro's and cons.

    For me, the biggest pro for the Mac is its OS and the tightly integrated hardware. But this also has its drawbacks in terms of repairability, upgradability etc.

    I've always severely disliked how closed off Apple is and how much they inhibit your ability to affect the system. For example: I've always found it deeply frustrating I can only ever put music from one pc on my iPhone. I can't have music from both my PC and my MacBook on it.

    Macs seem to be less susceptible to bugs than Windows PC's (although I feel it's been increasing with the latest releases of iOS and MacOSX), but when something doesn't work it usually just... well... doesn't work. There's no error message or way to trace the problem. At least with Windows you get an ambiguous error message you can Google.

    On the other hand Windows PC's are less than stellar ergonomically. It also seems to be very hard to find a Windows PC which does everything right and balanced like a Mac does. You finally find a Windows laptop with a good screen, but then it has a crappy trackpad. Or you find one with a good trackpad but then it has a bad keyboard.

    As a gamer and FL studio user but graphic design and illustrator on the other side, I'm kind of in between the two camps.

    I'm thinking of going for a Microsoft Surface book now. I've had a MacBook Pro for 5 years now but its had a lot of problems for a 2300 euro machine. The prospect of a MacBook quality laptop with a built in Cintiq and GTX1060 graphicscard seems very appealing to me.

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    The best OS - undoubtedly OS X
    the best hardware unit - PC

    so my choice is Hackintosh (beside Teamviewer, everything mac related works there)

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