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    Industrial Color Separations
    nèoMulticomiaPro is the professional tool to create color separations from any scan or image in RGB.
    With up to 256 grey levels for each separation nèoMulticomiaPro now generates smooth and high-quality color separations.

    Automated Separations
    The new method for automatic color selection supports special settings for spot colors and halftones.
    Never before it has been easier and faster to create color separation of an image.
    Manual Separations
    The new tools assist in the color separation process. Simply select a color and decide to add or subtract with another.
    Drag and drop the separations in order to join or exclude them
    The new keyboard shortcuts will speed up your color separation process.

    More Methods
    Create easily dark and light colors, combine your color separations with addition or subtraction and preview the combinations in real-time.

    High Quality
    With up to 256 grey levels per color separation and full control of the grey level curve for each separation you'll get out the maximum quality.


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    This looks good. Actually posting the software or medicine would have been great!

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