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Thread: Looking for wristband mockup

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    Looking for wristband mockup

    Hey guys,

    wondering if anyone of you know a mockup that will warp/transform my designs
    to look like its been printed on a wristband.

    For example like this one:
    Thanks in advance!

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    You Could try something like this if its just for 'text'
    Free Stunning Letter Press Photoshop Styles -


    Use the 'Warp' tool in PhotoShop to adjust your text first (CMD/CTRL T) then "Right click' on the object to 'Warp'.
    (You might have to convert your 'Live Text' using 'Convert to shape' first. It's under 'Type' in the 'Tools Bar'. Don't forget to make a copy of you text first though. Use the copy to experiment. Any mistakes - and you have a safety left)

    Best of luck...
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