InEventScript for InDesign
Automate actions in response to user driven events using scripting.

InEventScript is a plug-in to Adobe® InDesign® or Adobe® InCopy® for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. It allows you to automate complex or repetitive processes within these applications by assigning scripts to user actions. Any functionality exposed through scripting can be associated to user actions. A script can be scheduled to execute just prior to or directly after the chosen action. In addition to the standard InDesign® actions, scripts can also be attached to several custom actions provided by the InEventScript plug-in itself to allow response to events like application launch or quit. InEventScript provides a palette to control these script to event associations.
Sample Uses:
  • Execute scripts that automatically track the billable hours for each document based on when it is open and closed.
  • Validate the use of fonts, colors and other document resources against requirements each time a document is saved.
  • Automatically export document assets such as stories, tagged content or previews at each save.
  • Suppress UI - Scripts that are scheduled to execute before an action can optionally choose to suppress that action.
  • Add features - A script before the Print action could check for overset text prior to printing and if found, generate a warning and allow you to cancel the print.

Script to event attachments are saved in a simple XML file. This file can be edited with any text or XML editor and installed on a variety of machines using your preferred automated installation method. You can easily configure your scripts and events on one machine and install them with the appropriate scripts on the client machines in your lab. The location of your scripts are stored relative to the application, so there is no need fix the locations for each client.

It is also possible to install InEventScript without the palette UI. This allows you to configure client machines to have predetermined attachments, but prevent users from errantly changing your configuration.

InEventScript supports all three InDesign scripting languages (AppleScript, VBScript, and JavaScript)

Note: When CS3 was released, Adobe introduced the ability for scripts to register themselves to be run based on user actions within InDesign and InCopy, seriously reducing the need for this plug-in. Information about scripting in more recent versions of the Creative Suite can be found on Adobe's site.

Adobe InDesign CS2 or Adobe InCopy CS2 for 
Macintosh or Windows

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