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Thread: InDesign CS6 Shatters the text box when using Auto-Size!

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    InDesign CS6 Shatters the text box when using Auto-Size!

    InDesign CS6 has a great feature for text blocks - Auto-Size.
    For a catalogs - can not be better!
    I wrote the text, then put a minus, and ... oops, the block shattered!
    Try it yourself:
    Make a text box -> Cmd+B (Mac) or Ctrl+B (Win) -> select tab "Auto-Size",
    the drop-down menu, select Height and Width, the reference point assign the lower left (for example)
    and put a check No Line Breaks (the text is not tolerated at random and manual soft linebreak) -> OK
    Next, write any text - instantly block acquires a size of the text relative to a reference point.
    And... writing "-" (minus).
    All unit scatters to the borders of Pasteboard.

    Tested on three computers on Macs and PC - the result is the same.
    Other characters don't produce such brutal effect.

    What's the trick, brothers?

    Thank you!
    I trust in your help!

    P.S. Sorry for my poor English :)
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