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Thread: Image colors

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    Image colors


    Do you know how this look was made?

    I tried to apply this look on some of my images but i can't figure our how to create this effect.

    By the way...all other pictures from the photographer are great!

    The colorlooks are just great...!

    Hope you can help me! :)


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    That's an example of split-toning. It's where you re-map the low and/or high value colours to a photograph to new ones. There's a good chance he used whatever digital darkroom software he has, since Lightroom and its ilk have handy-dandy presets for that.

    If you're using photoshop you could do that with camera raw, or if you want more control over the final output, it's easiest to use a Gradient Map effect and fade it out. The colours of your gradient will determine what sort of toning you want, so you have even more control than you would in Lightroom. As a Bonus, Photoshop ships with a bunch of Photographic Toning gradient presets, you just have to load them from the library.

    The lack of contrast in the images, which seems to be common to this photographer, can also be enhanced by lifting the low value in a curves or levels adjustment if you're not getting what you need out of the split-toning process.

    The whole thing takes as little as a few seconds, and here's an example randomly pulled off the web to illustrate (top left original):

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