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Thread: Graphic Design vs Graphic Artist

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    Graphic Design vs Graphic Artist

    Forgive me for being ignorant but is there any significant difference?

    I found this link and it seems that there's only one or two things that sets them apart. Can somebody confirm this? http://work.chron.com/graphic-artist-vs-graphic-designer-18514.html

    Thank you!

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    Jan Tschichold has a great explanation of the difference between a Graphic Designer (Book Design) and a Graphic Artist in his essay "Graphic Arts and Book Design". It is a little dated by the sentiment, I think, is correct.

    "The work of a graphic artist must correspond to the needs of the day and other than collections, seldom lives on for lengths of time - unlike a designer, which is presumed to last. The aim of the graphic artist is self expression, while the responsible designer, conscious of his obligation, divests himself of this ambition."

    Graphic Designer's focus on function and problem solving, where Graphic Artists are more focused on style and personal expression. I think we can all be both!

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