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Thread: Font Management - What method or app do you use, and why?

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    I have used only fontexpert and it worked great for me :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriarty View Post
    Me too. It's small and fast.
    I agree, it works even for large collections, up to 60.000 fonts :)

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    In the company we use FontAgent Pro, but after i read this forum, i like to test the suitcase software.

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    I use Font Agent Pro. 10.6.8 in system.
    I found this program using Suitcase. Font Agent Pro fonts not see fonts in Suitcase shows.Unfortunately, the system also tiring suitcase.

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    I've just been using OSX Font Book but this thread is certainly making me reconsider! I'll have to check these options out.

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    i'm using only fontbook on mac.
    and font explorer, font thing on pc.

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    Wow, i didn't even know there were applications used to manage this sort of stuff. I just try to put "ELEGANT" or some tag in front of the fontname to identify it so that i know what to use.

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    i think Font Expert 2010 very useful easy and fast no more complication.

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    Suitcase Fusion 3

    I have been using suitcase for 6 years now, but have really beed getting aggravated at how doggy it is anymore. I am going to check in to a few others posted and see about running a trial and seeing if there is something i like better out there.

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    im using Font Expert

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    I use AMP Font Viewer, and print the fonts I use so that I don't have to go thru the entire font library.

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    FontExplorer X Pro is definitely my choice for MAC.
    On the PC I'm using Suitecace Fusion 3, and testing NexusFont - it's free and pretty fast. It could use some UI enhancements but as I said it's free

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    Lynotipe FontExplorer on Mac

    I Really love Lynotype FontExplorer X, It's free, you can choose where you want to install your fonts, and if you are like me, I try to install and UnInstall Fonts often (keeping activated only the ones I need). you can keep a folder to manage your fonts without messing the system Fonts (on mac) I use to have a problem with differents versions of helvetica and this software help me to fix.

    Sorry PC Users I don't know a good software for Windows

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    Suitcase Fusion works very fast and unnoticable in the background when activating fonts. But that's about all you can do with it. The Extensis panel in ID is a nice idea but it is slow as hell. Especially if you have 25.000+ fonts loaded in SF. SF is more picky about fonts and reports errors on fonts which are perfectly fine.

    FontExplorer however is MUCH faster with loading previes and 4-5 times faster with creating previews for complex fonts with lots of vector points like Lippy or Crayon hand.

    Also FEX has very nice utilities on board for deleting font caches for example which I miss in SF.

    I like the interface of FEX more as it resembles good old ATM Deluxe which I think is – however not produced anymore – still the best font manager of all times.

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    Suitcase Fusion 4

    Suitcase Fusion v.4 is much much better than v.3!

    I am using and loving it!

    No keygen/crack for it till now :(

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