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Thread: Extract embedded fonts from PDF fast and easy

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    Extract embedded fonts from PDF fast and easy

    You have to start by downloading a free evaluation copy of 3-Heightsâ„¢ PDF Extract. I use PDF Extract Shell (https://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-extract-content-metadata-text.aspx). After you downloaded EXPS200PreWIN32Eval.zip, extract the contents in a folder. Copy the PDF from which you want to extract the fonts from in the same folder. Giving the fact that this software it is a command line version I recommend you to rename you PDF to make it easy on typing. With win+R or Start->Run, open a command prompt window. Navigate to the folder with pdfextract.exe. and run it. The result will be a list of commands and attributes which enables you to extract almost anything you want from your PDF.

    After you run pdfextract.exe you will see something like this:

    As I said before you should bring the PDF in the same folder and rename it to a shorter file name. TIP: If you are using Windows Xp or newer versions you could open the command prompt in the folder with pdfextract.exe and hit Tab several times and until you see what you want.

    To extract all the fonts used in the PDF you command line should look like:

    pdfextract.exe -lf -x filename.pdf

    where filename is you know what.

    Hit Enter and you are done.
    The result of the command you just gave is a number of files (eg. .ttf's, .otf's, .cff's) the fonts used in the PDF you indicated.

    For many of you and most of the times this is enough, but in some cases you will need more.

    If you get *.cff files and you don't know what to do then go to this site and convert online to any type of font for PC or for Mac from *.cff file.

    Now install these converted fonts into pc/mac and open this pdf in any editing software like illustrator.... No more font problem and you can edit it like any open file format... you can enjoy copywrite font too...
    If you think something about it then please give feedback or comment/Thankz.
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