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Thread: Digital Juice - Juice Drops Collection 2: shadedRESULTS

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    Digital Juice - Juice Drops Collection 2: shadedRESULTS

    Juice Drops Collection Two: shadedRESULTS - 15xDVDs
    Layered Graphics Library | ISO (15DVDs) | Total Size: 114 GB
    400+ Layered Photoshop Files | 32 Categories & Themes | 42 Styles & Techniques
    Resolutions up to 6000x3375 (20"x11.25" 300 DPI) | 4365 Total Number of Layers

    A new library of multi-layer graphics company DJ. After a three-year hiatus, Juice Drops back - and they are bigger and better than ever! Juice Drops Collections are updated line of Juice Drops with many fashion collections. In contrast to previous collections of Juice Drops, which included hundreds of images before and had a thematic focus, the new library contains over 400 new multi-layer Photoshop-file is more versatile, includes a wide range of styles, themes and trends.Collected Juice Drops Collection Two: shadedRESULTS contains more than 400 files multilayered graphics - illustrations in a format Adobe Photoshop (. psd) with layers that are not brought together and available for editing. This way of presenting the figures as "semi-" opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity. Each of the multiple layers of images you can do almost anything you want: to correct, delete, rearrange, change the color, mix and add some or all of the layers to your main project. Creating a multilayer, as if unfinished images - semi-finished products, and it was central to the development of libraries Juice Drops. The use of illustrations from this library will allow you to begin every new project with a very high quality set of hands and, most importantly, original illustrations, which do not need to be re-created, and need only be modified as your imagination will tell. Illustrations any of the libraries Juice Drops can be used not only for high-quality images in Photoshop, but in dugih programs Adobe, such as After Effects and Premiere. You can import a set of layers in the image file (. Psd) in Adobe Premiere as a sequence and to work with layers independently, while receiving very interesting effects. Few know that the Library Juice Drops - a hidden resource that is used in the DJ library footage for the development of such as Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles, Editor's Themekit, Editor's Toolbox, Jump Back, and others.

    Juice Drops Collection Two: shadedRESULTS - 400 Brand New Layered Backgrounds for Adobe Photoshop. After a three year hiatus, Juice Drops are BACK -- and they're bigger and better than ever! Unlike the older Juice Drops volumes which had up to 100 layered images per volume, these new collections contain 400 or more brand new layered Photoshop files. While the previous incarnation of the line focused each volume on a specific style or theme, these new collections contain a wide variety of styles, themes and looks.

    In this first Collection Two, there are a large selection of backgrounds specifically inspired by our Digital Juice Fonts. and with areas designed specifically for type. As before, each Juice Drop "Art You Take Apart" background is still a finished complete graphic delivered with all the original layers intact for easy customization for any type of design use -- from billboards to web pages, from panning motion graphics to packaging. A pre-flattened version is also provided so that, with the help of the Juicer, you can bring Juice Drops art into any graphics application at any size in a wide variety of graphics formats.

    These Juice Drops Collections are NOT A REPACKAGING of old Juice Drops volumes. Juice Drops Collections contain ALL NEW illustrations -- at larger sizes and in more useful formats and themes than ever. These illustrations come from the same talented team of artists that worked on over 70 volumes of Juice Drops and 10 volumes of Digital Juice Fonts. These artists have been eager to get back to work for you on all new styles and themes in the Juice Drops layered format

    - 15 DVDs - Filled with pre-rendered animations (simple, compound and in/loop/out segments), AE project files, vector graphics, background tiles and textures.
    - 114 Gigabytes
    - 32 Categories & Themes, 42 Styles & Techniques: Unlike previous Juice Drops series, this new series mixes multiple styles and themes into a single mega volume. This gives you more possibilities and more looks, right at your fingertips for whatever project comes your way.
    - 400+ Layered Photoshop Files (PSD): Allows you to tweak and customize the final result to meet your project's needs.
    - Super High Resolution up to 6000x3375 (20"x11.25" 300 DPI).
    - 4365 Total Number of Layers- Includes a Ready-to-Use Flattened Version: The flattened file is compatible with any graphic editing application. Save it out from the Juicer in numerous formats and resolutions including JPEG and PNG.
    - Includes a Digital Juice Font Texture Version: If you use DJ Fonts you'll like having these backgrounds in a ready-to-use format available right in your DJ Fonts Textures folder. Apply them to any font as a texture for some very creative looks.
    - Text-Ready Backgrounds: We designed many of these backgrounds with the addition of text in mind. They are created with large clear areas perfect for placing your DJ Fonts or plain text messages.

    Extabit = High Speed

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    link dead

    please reupload on rapidgator for:
    DVD1 - part 7
    DVD3 - part 3
    DVD5 - part 6
    DVD8 - part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
    DVD13 - part1,3,4,5,6,9

    It's a shame because it's a huge download and miss this ! Can you please try to repair this ???....Thank you very much !!!

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    Something this big would be better off as a torrent instead of just small files that can be deleted at a moments notice.

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    a torrent would be great, but a re-up would not hurt either to many parts are missing

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