Continuum Complete is the Swiss Army Knife of Visual Effects, giving compositors and editors the most complete and useful plug-in suite ever created. Over 200 plug-in filters include 3D Objects, image restoration tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, distortion and perspective effects such as UpRez, generators such as Snow, Rain, and Fire, lights such as Glint, Glare, and Glitter, wipe transitions, keys and mattes including Motion Key for automated foreground object removal, colors and blurs, and film, glow, and cartoon effects.
Key Features for After Effects and Premiere Pro Users:
- BCC 3D Objects category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators
- "Digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer
- Professional color grading with built-in masking and keying tools
- Video noise reduction using video clip spatial and temporal information
- Over 2000 factory-installed animated presets
- Over 1500 factory-installed static presets
- XML preset format means presets can be modified with a standard text editor
- Single-click custom-preset navigation tool for easy effect selection
- OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders
- Support for After Effects' camera and lighting system
- Generate 3D extruded shapes from imported AE spline path mask shapes
- Localize filter results using imported AE spline path mask shapes or built-in PixelChooser system
- 3D particle effects including Particle Array 3D and Pin Art 3D
- Spline-based still and video morph technology
- Motion Tracking data import and export
- Volumetric lighting effects and Glows
- Specular lighting special effects such as Glint, Glare, Glitter
- Compositing tools such as Light Wrap and Matte Choker
- Lens Blur, Lens Shape, and Lens Transition filters
- Natural effect generators such as Snow, Rain, Fire, Stars
- Motion Key for automated foreground object removal
- Film Look effects such as Bleach Bypass, Damaged Film, and Grain Match
- Optical Flow-based image retiming and motion blur effects
- Automated optical image stabilization without the use of point trackers
- Automatic keyframe generation based on timeline audio
- Onscreen controls for easy parameter set-up

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language: English