BlackMagic will help to paint a black and white or infrared pictures. To this end, the program uses a "smart" brushes, which are preset for coloring the sky, forest, trees, people, clothes, etc. In memory of the program included several algorithms to compute the color.

From the user need only specify the object, which he paints (eg: sky, water, sand, skin) and hold the brush over the required area. Despite the arbitrariness of the painting, the program copes with its task.

BlackMagic may be used to colorize Black & White, Sepia, or IR (infrared) photos, or to color-correct ones with faded or inappropriate colours. Being extremely simple to use, its a software that transcends age and professional boundaries, providing an immense sense of achievement, pride and satisfaction for kids and adults alike.

The resulting colorized photos have optimally saturated and consistent, correct hues - giving the appearance as if the photo had originally been shot in colour! BlackMagic delivers such professional grade results with the minimum of fuss, and just a few minutes worth of effort.

BlackMagic incorporates "TimeBrush � RLC [real-life-colour] �" standard. The TimeBrush RLC technology was specifically created for colourizing black & white motion pictures of the Hollywood fame. This feature provides BlackMagic the ability to render superb, rich, vibrant looking colours, that are not under / over saturated, yet look completely natural

OS: Windows
Language: ENG
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