Hello Everyone!, I have an Epson Stylus Pro 7600 plotter (CMYKcmk) with continual ink system, 24" wide, and want to know if any Photoshop plugin or KISS software can do this:

I select, for example, 20 4x6" photos, 15 6x8" photos and 5 10x12" photos, and arrange them automatically to reduce effort, time, and waste

I know some very expensive software can do this, like Wasatch RIP software (it has 2 modes, an "easy to cut" arrange, faster but with more waste, and a "minimum waste" arrange, more difficult to cut after printing but with minimum waste).

Certainly, I don't know exactly where to ask a question like this, but I really want to start my own DIY photolab at home

AI PS ESKO KODAK user for flexo packaging