Autodesk® Building Design Suite provides a 3D building design software portfolio that combines Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD tools to help you design,
visualize, simulate, and build more efficiently. Produce compelling visualizations, use integrated simulation and analysis, create higher-quality construction documentation, and
improve control over project outcomes.
Design to your standards
Work more efficiently with tools designed for architects
Develop higher-quality, more accurate designs
Use both CAD- and BIM-based workflows
Ease project approvals with help from powerful visualization
Create engaging design visualizations to present ideas
Use presentation tools to better evaluate design options
Access tools to help meet visualization needs
Make more informed design decisions
Create more efficient buildings with energy analysis tools
Gain better insight into constructability using 3D models
Help resolve conflicts before construction
Market your company as a BIM-ready firm
Compete more effectively
Use high-impact visuals to present your ideas
Expand services to help win more work
Improve efficiency and minimize costs
Provide teams with flexible tools for different needs
Exercise greater control over project costs and schedules
Promote creativity and management effectiveness
Standardize your toolset
Provide a consistent set of tools to help increase efficiency
Minimize IT costs by using a single suite*
Help streamline learning and use with a single toolset
*Design suites are licensed for installation and use of each compnt by user to deliver additional workflow and functionality value. Each end-user must have an individual
license in order to use a design suite.

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