Ansys Designer and Nexxim v8.0.2 (2013) | 1.3 GB

ANSYS, Inc., a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, announced the release Ansoft Designer 8.0 and Nexxim 8.0 products. This engineering simulation platform and integrated technology supports Simulation Driven Product Development(TM) of electronic products. Powerful new features have been added to these latest versions that compress the electronic design and analysis cycle.
The Ansoft Designer and Nexxim suite also offers new product packaging that customizes and streamlines Ansoft
Designer and Nexxim simulation technology into application-specific software tools for engineers focused on signal integrity analysis or RF and microwave design. The new packages, named DesignerSI(TM) and DesignerRF(TM), integrate technology from Ansoft Designer and Nexxim into application-specific engineering platforms that are easy to use and straightforward to acquire.
Whats New in Designer 8.0
ANSYS is pleased to provide a great number of new and advanced features in ANSYS Designer. The new features have been developed with guidance from our most innovative customers. These advancements deliver solutions to amplify your engineering effectiveness, simulate your most complex electronic design challenges and to accelerate the time to market.
About ANSYS, Inc.
ANSYS brings clarity and insight to customers' most complex design challenges through fast, accurate and reliable engineering simulation. Our technology enables organizations no matter their industry to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world. Customers trust our software to help ensure product integrity and drive business success through innovation. Founded in 1970, ANSYS employs approximately 2,400 professionals, many of them expert in engineering fields such as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics and electromagnetics, and design optimization. Headquartered south of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., ANSYS has more than 65 strategic sales locations throughout the world with a nerk of channel partners in 40+ countries.
Name: Ansoft Designer Nexxim
Version: 8.0.2
Home: [url][/url]
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Ansys Designer & Nexxim v8.0.2

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