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Thread: AI: Save for Web Creates artifacts?

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    AI: Save for Web Creates artifacts?

    Hi yall. I have a bunch (about 500) B&W motif/mongram images given to me in .ai format that I need to resize & rasterize. I figured this would be an easy Batch in illustrator (CC, ugh) and used it's "Save for Web" feature to attempt this.

    Unfortunately, I got a ton of weird corruption issues such as this:

    While I can just open them all in Photoshop, and do it there, I don't really feel like manually doing this for 500 images.

    Does anyone have any insight into this bug? Or a possible alternative workflow that I can "set & forget"?

    Thanks yall.

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    I've had problems with save for web from Illustrator as well, and the workaround for me was always Photoshop.

    The good news is that you can actually do batch processing very easily in Photoshop as well. You just create an action for one of the images and then batch run that action on the folder with all of the others. It's probably the same set of steps that you would do in Illustrator: open the actions palette, hit record, open your first image, do your series of processes, save and close the image, then hit stop on the actions palette. Then you can go under the menu item File > Automate > Batch and run your new action for a whole folder of images.

    Alternatively, if the images need to be opened in Illustrator first for some reason, you could theoretically do a batch process from Illustrator to save into a transitional format before batch processing in Photoshop.

    If you need to rename after, there are programs such as A Better Finder Rename that can add a suffix or a prefix, etc. to every file in a folder.

    Even if you have to do two batches and a rename batch, it's all in all still much better than doing anything manually for 500 images.

    Hope that helps…!
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