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Thread: Adobe Creative Suite > Creative Cloud

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    Junior Member renodesign is on a distinguished road
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    good to have all Adobe softwares.

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    Banned greg1987gt is on a distinguished road
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    I use the package for photographers. The package includes Lightroom and Photoshop CC. For the full package monthly pay 9.99 euros. I can not complain for the price.

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    Banned rowanc88 is on a distinguished road
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    Auto-updates are great. And the new features that are slowly coming through are great

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    Banned design fangirl is on a distinguished road
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    I agree with what some others have said -- it can be worth it to someone, but for a student/freelancer like me with a small budget and very few clients it's too costly for me right now. I'm using it -- as well as CS6. I am also running CS 5.5 because of some features they got rid of with the upgrade (picture package mostly). Also, I am not sure if they have worked out their institutional and educational pricing. Both the school were I work and the one I attend are still using CS6 because licensing as it is now is too expensive. And it's too difficult and costly to make students purchase their own access. I'll see where it goes with this first run and maybe in a few years I will subscribe. Until then, I will primarily be using CS6.

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