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Thread: 7 Day Free Lynda.com Access + Convenient Membership Loophole

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    Red face 7 Day Free Lynda.com Access + Convenient Membership Loophole

    Hey guys,

    I know a lot of the posts on this forum involve getting stuff for free, but I stumbled across an interesting little trick and thought some people might benefit from it.

    http://www.lynda.com/partnersproject - will get you 7 days free access, when you sign up for the free access, make sure you go for the premium membership. During the 7 days, you can look through and decide all the tutorials you want to do, and go ahead and download all the exercise files for them. Just before your 7 days is up, downgrade the membership to the normal one, and you basically get premium access for the same price as normal membership (cause you have all the exercise files already).

    I know you still have to pay the normal membership price, but I think it's worth it for a few months (I plan to stay a member for around 3-4 months), simply because the $25 a month is negligible, and you get the convenience, organization and freedom of doing any of the tutorials whenever you want. There are a lot of great tutorials on there and it's a pain to have to look for them and download them.

    Especially the "Creative Inspiration Documentaries", I would never have even noticed them If I didn't do the 7 day trial. They are basically 1 hour long documentaries/interviews of industry leaders in various fields from Design to Illustration to Motion Graphics to Photography, and insights into their career journey, their thought processes and the way they work. Great stuff IMO, and the value goes a lot further than just the bland technical knowledge that Lynda.com is typically known for.

    Anyway hope that helps at least a few people! Let me know how it goes - thanks :)

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    Sharp thinking, thanks for the tip :)

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