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Thread: [Filling Rakhart Request] Carlino

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    [Filling Rakhart Request] Carlino

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    I do not own this upload or anything, it already exist therefore credit goes to ethie.

    Rakhart, please use the SEARCH tool in this forum before you spam requests. Even if you can't find the font you are desired, it doesn't mean there isn't. You just have to go page by page and search for it, not asking people filling your spam requests because you're stacking up posts. This is a sharing site, not spamming junks site. If you want to request, please search before asking, look for it before requesting. If still can't find it or nobody share it, fair enough. I (or many of the members in this forum) am very tired and annoyed of seeing people requesting and give nothing back. Plus more thing: Lazy like hell and can't be bothered to search for it. I like this site very much, and is 1 of my favourite forum therefore I hope people really do search the filled requests before requesting the same font over and over again. Thank you.

    P.s I'm not being rude or anything, just saying what I think.

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