Create Pallet Patterns

What does it do?

The CAPE PACK Palletizing Group is a simple and practical program for solving pallet loading problems. Within a few seconds of entering your data you can view a range of on-screen diagrams and reports so finding the right solution is easy.

Pallet Patterns

Quickly see if you can get more cases onto a pallet. Interlock layers, show strapping, add top caps, corner posts, edit layers, show contents and put graphics onto cases.

Display Pallets

Create pallet loads containing different products for in-store display purposes and consumer shopability.

Case Consolidation

Consolidate your case sizes. Using the program's database enter existing case and tray sizes to find ways to pack existing products in to fewer case sizes.

Products and Case Sizes

Find the best product size, case count, case size and pallet load. Pack in bundles or trays, shrink-wrap products, use realistic shapes and add surface graphics.

Efficient Corrugated Flat Packs

Starting with a flat blank or a made up case, use your own formulas to create flat glued cases (KDF's). Find the best number per bundle, bundle size, number per pallet and per truck.

Case Strength Specifications

Calculate the compression strength of corrugated cases using standard or custom formulas.

How Does It Work?

CAPE PACK is easy to use. Data input is a simple process and powerful graphics display how well your product fits the pallet:

who have the software "capapack v.209" ,please share it! If it can works with ArtiosCAD, perfect!